My Experience

I am a lifelong student of human nature, personal growth, and the nature of reality.

Along the way, I’ve earned these credentials:

  • MA in English
  • CPCC from the Coaches Training Institute
  • IODC from Inspired on Demand, Business Mastery

About the Coaches Training Institute (CTI)

To date, more than 20,000 coaches, consultants, managers, and new career explorers have been trained through CTI. CTI-trained coaches come from varied backgrounds such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, scientists, dentists, parents, educators, therapists, and community leaders. Many will go on to focus in a specialty segment, such as relationships, executives, career, transitions, teenagers, and more.

In addition, major organizations, such as Marriott, IBM, Boeing, and the EPA, have offered Co-Active Coach® training within their organizations to increase management and employee effectiveness.

CPCC logo

About Inspired on Demand

Inspired on Demand coaches entrepreneurs in setting up their businesses. Founded by highly experienced Co-Active coaches, it aligns the vision with the practical to create a solid business foundation.

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