Creativity is Abundant

Daisies in the toes of a woman lying on the grass

In the “funny home movies” category, there’s footage of me as a child on a family vacation in Wyoming, trying to catch prairie dogs. (After all, they looked cute and cuddly!)

I’d bend my knees to look smaller, and even pretend to look the other way, while I tried to sneak up on a prairie dog. Then, I’d make a mad dash—only to watch it plop down a hole.

I used to chase creativity, too—as though it was a rare butterfly just out of reach. I made up a story about having a limited amount of creative ideas, energy, and possibilities.

And of course, what you believe, you create.

I spent more time pretending I couldn’t do things than actually trying. (What an imagination!)

Creativity is actually abundant. You just need to invite it by starting something and going with the flow. But, those times when it doesn’t come, don’t chase it!

Try giving yourself the time and space to let it alight. Take a walk. Lie in the grass with daisies in your toes. Trust that life is inherently creative, you are abundantly creative, and the world wants your gifts.

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