I love to mentor creative individuals and groups—in programs, workshops, and retreats—to follow their own, personal creative paths.

Here’s what my wonderful clients have to say about working with me.

Photo of Erica Waldthausen

Erica Waldthausen

“I had contemplated working with Julie for over 3 years before I finally made the call, and the only thing I regret is that I didn’t reach out sooner.

Julie ended up being the kick-in-the-pants that I needed to start my creative business after 15 years of stagnation. She helped me to break through old perspectives that were no longer serving me. She supported me in clearing the way for new creative adventures, challenged me to shift out of fear mode into action, and kept me accountable in my own growth.

She was always calm, compassionate, and observant. Never afraid to ask the hard questions, Julie guided me through all of the built up ‘stuff’ that comes along with pursuing a creative path. The biggest gift she gave me was the confidence to embrace my journey as my own and to stop comparing myself to others.

After working with Julie for 6 months I am happy to report that I went from a hobbyist to a full-time working jewelry artist! Thank you, Julie!”

Erica Waldthausen, Artist and Jewelry Entrepreneur

Photo of Chris Bryan

Chris Bryan

“Julie is a coaches’ coach. She meets you where you are, sees and reflects your brilliance back to you, and shines a light on your creativity, even if that creativity is unknown to you. Julie’s belief in my creativity led to me feel confident to explore that part of myself that had been dormant.

In the Creative Heroine’s Path™ Pilot Program, I collaborated weekly with others as we found our individual and collective creative voice. Since that door has been opened to me, I have continued to explore and develop multiple aspects of my creative self. Participation in this program was one of the greatest gifts I have given to myself.”

Chris Bryan, Leadership Coach and co-author of the book Coaching Matters

“I appreciated Julie’s ability to help me clarify and creatively resolve the issues that came up for me during the time we worked together. I found her to be a warm, compassionate, and supportive coach whose experience farther along the path helped me to gain useful perspectives and strategies that will continue to guide me toward success in my future goals.”

—Annette Griswold, artist

Photo of Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer

“I have done amazing work with Julie via life coaching over the last year. Julie is a great listener and observes body language in a very humble way. She hears you, she is honest and understands. She is truly amazing and this is her gift. Julie has found her calling with life coaching. It is where she excels and goes above and beyond.”

—Diana Spencer, artist

Photo of Audrey Wilcox

Audrey Wilcox

“Julie listens with her whole being and intuition, and confidently steps into my story with such a fresh and fearless approach that I always feel enlightened and eager to use what I’ve discovered in our sessions as soon as possible. Her self-acceptance and appreciation is a wonderful quality that acts as a mirror in our sessions. In our coaching sessions I have the feeling that I am both free and supported by her calm sense of self. Since her foundation is strong, I feel free to be open to my own spirit in her presence.”

Audrey Wilcox, painter

“Julie is the perfect listener and she helps to solidify my thoughts. She helps me to see things from more than one perspective. She does not judge. This is so important for a comfortable session. It is very tough to talk about issues you may have if you think you are going to be judged by what is bothering you. Julie is REALLY good at this!!!”
Linda Miller, jeweler

Photo of Risë Keller

Risë Keller

“Julie is calm, an oasis of peace, approachable and easy to talk with, contemplative and considers things from different perspectives, gives clear advice and direction, and is warm, a pleasure to be around.”

Risë Keller, writer and painter

“Wow Julie, what a great exercise. I admit I was skeptical, but in hindsight found the collage experience very powerful. It helped me focus on what I want to accomplish going forward, and, to my delight, it inspires me daily to the actions necessary to accomplish my goals. Thank you so much. You have helped me to get a running start on my next life endeavor.”

—Jack Dreyer, writer and vision board workshop participant

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