The Value of Appreciation

We’re almost a dozen days into the 30-Day Creativity Challenge on the Inner Guidebook Facebook page, and it’s been a blast!

We have a community of creatives, who have a safe place to share their work publicly, and give and receive appreciation within the group.

Multi-colored markers

There are many multi-talented folks posting photos of their original artwork, essays, photography, poems, tie-dye, fabric screen prints, flower arrangements, delicious meals, and many other creative projects.

It’s been wonderful for me to wake up and know that some sort of a creative project is in store for me that day. And I’m not creating in a void; there’s a group of other creative people who want to see what I’m going to post. It’s motivating!

I have fun checking in throughout the day, to see what others are posting. It’s inspiring to see so many original ideas and talent!

I feel more open and connected when I’m appreciating other people’s creative gifts, and I feel more valued when other people appreciate mine. And I feel grateful and honored that so many people are participating and enjoying the process.

Have a wonderful week, and go forth and create!

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