For creative spirits who are ready to transform their lives and express their creative genius.

Second edition now available!

This book is for women who long to live a life filled with creative passion and purpose. The Creative Heroine's Path takes you on a journey to wake up your life and blaze your creative path.

Whether you want to leave a creative legacy, or just want to be more creative in your daily life, following your own creative path is the way to success.

In this colorfully illustrated book full of exercises and examples, author and creative mentor Julie Baldwin leads you on the path to:

  • Master the rhythm of the creative flow.
  • Say “yes” when your muse asks you to dance.
  • Tap into the energy that fuels your creativity.
  • Banish your critical inner dragon to free your creative gifts.
  • Own your creative genius and develop your unique voice.

By the end of The Creative Heroine’s Path, you will understand how to create your true path to do what makes you come alive, so you can grow into the artist you are meant to be.