Nourish Your Creative Spirit in Tuscany

Tuscan road at sunset

June 15-22, 2019

Do you long to live a creative life, but you’re afraid it’s too late?

Have you put your unfinished novel (and yourself) in a box, fearing you will never break free to finish it?

Have you hidden your photographs (and yourself) away, along with your dream of exhibiting them?

Your longing to create is not just about the outcome: a memoir, a series of paintings, a garden. It’s about feeling more alive and connected in your life. It’s about becoming who you are meant to be.

But everyday life has strong currents that threaten to push you off your creative path: job and family demands, busyness. And underneath it all is that negative inner voice whispering that you can’t do what you love.

Whatever your challenges, the cost of being pulled away from your soul’s path is the regret of an unlived life. I know this, because I lived with that regret for 26 years. Then, I began the path to reclaim myself—and you can too.

Women laughing

Come breathe life back into your creative dreams with a group of creative women in the natural beauty and cultural richness of Tuscany! Experience your own creative renaissance as you begin the path to expressing your authentic, creative self.

You have the innate power to create your life. But with all life’s distractions and responsibilities, it can be hard to hear your own inner wisdom. Don’t let the importance of what you do for others drown out your responsibility to yourself.

Table in vineyard with food

Come slow down in Tuscany.

Life is inherently creative; you are creating all the time. In fact, life brings you the material to co-create your art and the life you want. If you’re feeling stuck or depleted, come nourish your spirit. Discover what’s possible, begin creating the life you’re meant to live.

Your creative dream matters. Only you can make it real. I first had this dream—to create a retreat in Tuscany—20 years ago. Up it would swim to the surface of my mind, only for me to push it back down, as I pursued a “reasonable” life.

But the dream wouldn’t let go. That’s how I knew it was a calling: I had to make it real.

You have something calling you, too. Listen! Take action. The creative heroine inside you is giving you permission to go for it!

Come to Tuscany with your creative dream, and return home with the inspiration, insight, and passion to make it real.

Our time together will unfold to the rhythm of an Italian summer day. Early mornings are your own, to nestle under the covers and dream, or to rise and create—and of course, enjoy a savory breakfast!

Woman writing in journal

During our morning workshops, you will participate in creative, interactive exercises designed to inspire and replenish you. As your creative path emerges, you will capture insights to keep your creative momentum going, through making your very own Creative Heroine’s Path™ Guidebook to take home with you. When “regular life” threatens to pull you off your path, you will have the wisdom and clarity to realign with your creative purpose, at your fingertips.

Italian town

At lunchtime, our days turn to adventure, where you will spend the afternoons sight-seeing in nearby towns with other creative heroines, or exploring and creating on your own. Stroll along sun-dappled, cobbled streets; write, sketch, or people-watch at a café; discover your favorite gelato under the warm Tuscan sun.

As the sun lowers in the sky and the light softens, we will gather for an authentic Italian dinner, and conversation by candlelight. Afterward, you can convene for more wine and connection, or retire to a quiet space alone to journal and create.

This time is yours. Cherish it.

What will you love most about our time together in Tuscany? It could be:

  • Quiet early mornings, when golden sunlight ripples along the rolling hills at Borgo San Fedele.
  • The creative energy flowing through our morning workshops.
  • Finding yourself, in small moments when you least expect it.
  • Feeling more alive in your daily creative practice.
  • The fun and adventure of seeing someplace new—or discovering Tuscany through new eyes.
  • The joy of creative expression: writing, sketching, taking photographs, or whatever you plan to nourish during our unstructured time.
  • Luscious local wine and delicious Italian dinners lovingly prepared by our personal chef.
  • Conversations and new friendships with other creative heroines.
  • Discovering the charm and beauty of nearby towns, such as Siena’s stunning fan-shaped Piazza del Campo.

Come to Tuscany. Your creative life is calling you.

uscany Landscape At Sunset