Simple Steps to Unleash Your Inner Artist

A Creative Heroine’s Path™ Workbook

Is your inner critic keeping you from your creative goals?Workbook cover

This powerful workbook helps you dissolve the blocks so you can energize your creative dream!

There are 9 secret strategies most people don’t know about that can effortlessly silence your inner critic and energize your creative dreams.

This powerful 36-page downloadable, printable PDF workbook shows you, step-by step, exactly what you need to do to stop that inner voice cold so you can unleash and enjoy your true creative genius.

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Do any of these voices sound familiar?

    • You’ve always wanted to write a novel, but you’re nearing 50, you’re not sure how to start, and you’re saying to yourself, “it’s too late.”
    • Painting is your passion. You have more completed canvases than gray hairs on your head, but you’re afraid to show your paintings because your inner voice says, “they’re not good enough.”
    • You love to travel with your trusty camera, taking candid street photos, capturing small moments with something big to say. If you could quit your job, travel the world, and publish your photos, you’d die happy. But that practical voice that won’t shut up says, “wait until you retire.”
    • Handbags are your secret passion. You’d jump in feet first to create your own brand of hand-sewn leather bags, but your family needs you, and that maternal voice keeps repeating, “wouldn’t it be selfish to start a business now?”

Although the details change, I hear versions of these same stories, over and over: the lack of time, resources, skills, talent, or confidence.

If you’re struggling with that negative inner voice that keeps you from going for your creative dream, this workbook is like having a personal mentor to help you silence that negative voice whenever it comes up, so you can enjoy every second of your creative process and be proud and excited to show your creative work to the world!

This workbook is a $24.97 value that’s available to you for just $4.97. And it can save you months or even years of frustration and unfulfilled longing for the creative self you yearn to express.

To order your copy of this downloadable, printable PDF workbook, click here: Buy now