I love to inspire and activate creatives with my interactive talks.

Here’s what venue owners and managers have to say about me.

Photo of Liz Grenier

Liz Grenier

“We all need a little push at times to get us going, and Julie’s talk did that for me. I have a story to tell, but I always thought there was a way I ‘should’ write. That belief stopped me again and again. Julie has inspired me to follow my true path—now, I feel free to do it my own way.

Three months later, I am still writing on a more consistent basis. When the muse calls, I go with the feeling, rather than waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to create. Although I’ve secretly written my whole life, I’m finally bringing my words into the light.

—Liz Grenier, Manager, Two Hands Paperie, Boulder, CO

Photo of Alea Clymer

Alea Clymer

Every creative person has something to gain from hearing Julie Baldwin speak. She inspires action and momentum.

Using the structure from her inspirational book The Creative Heroine’s Path, she helps people prioritize creativity in their lives. Julie’s idea of taking “imperfect action” has stuck with me since hearing her speak and I have been implementing it in my life. Instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity of creative time and space to present itself, I’ve been carving out short and imperfect moments to make art which have been adding up to something transformative!

I would highly recommend Julie Baldwin as a speaker to any group.”

Alea Clymer, Assistant Manager, Two Hands Paperie, Boulder, CO

Photo of Gene Hayworth

Gene Hayworth

“Each time Julie Baldwin has spoken at Inkberry Books, she has engaged both experienced and novice authors with her thoughtful, creative approach to writing. She leads the audience easily down the elegant and uncluttered paths of her creative process. As she so skillfully demonstrates, taking the first step is the most important part of the  journey.”

—Gene Hayworth, Owner, Inkberry Books, Niwot, CO

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